PSQ 08

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PSQ 08 | Power Sequential with Daisy-chain Functions


  • Rated Output Voltage: AC 220V, compatible with 50Hz-60Hz.
  • High-Power Circuit: Ideal for systems with significant power demands.
  • Chip Control: Guarantees stable and dependable circuit performance.
  • Sockets: Universal design accommodates various plug types.
  • Controllable Power Outlets: 8 outlets with individual control.
  • Delay Time for Each Outlet: 1 second, reducing surge impact.
  • Power Supply: Incorporates a built-in transformer.
  • Total Power Outlets in Use: 9 (1 direct 220V on the panel, 8 controlled on the rear panel).
  • Independent Control Switch for Each Outlet: Enhances safety and efficiency.
  • USB Interface: Supports phone charging and other 5V digital devices.
  • Daisy Chain Function: Enables expansion for large-scale power management.
  • Minimum Limit for Single Outlet Output Power: 2200W.
  • Maximum Limit for Single Outlet Output Power: 3000W.
  • Maximum Total Output Power for the Whole Unit: 8000W.

Meet our revolutionary PSQ 08 Power Sequential, advancing our Power lineup. This sophisticated series ensures seamless, efficient power distribution - whether safeguarding delicate electronics or optimizing high-performance systems. Power Sequential exemplifies reliability and precision, standing as a hallmark of cutting-edge power management technology. Elevate your infrastructure with PSQ 08 and its daisy-chain function, enabling flexible, expandable power connections. The PSQ 08 blends advanced technology with modern demands, guaranteeing smooth, uninterrupted power. It takes sophisticated power management to the next level - making Power Sequential the pinnacle of efficiency, reliability and connectivity.

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