M 12D

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M 12D | 12-Channel Mixer


  • Stable Linux Operating System: Foundation for all models, ensuring reliability.
  • HD Touchscreen: Varies by model, enhancing user interaction.
  • MIC/Line Inputs: Range from 12 to 32, accommodating diverse input needs.
  • DANTE Protocol Compatibility: (For M 16D, M 24D, M 32D) Enables extensive I/O expansion.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: For digital playback, available in higher models.
  • Professional Effect DSP Chips: Delivers superior sound effects.
  • Customizable TFT LCD Displays & Built-in RTA: For real-time monitoring.
  • High-Precision ALPS Electric Push Faders: For accurate control.
  • Remote Control: Via PC, iPad, or Android devices, offering flexibility in operation.
  • Automatic Shutdown Parameter Saving: Ensures data safety.
  • RS232 Central Control: Facilitates ease of use in integrated systems.

The M series digital audio mixing consoles, including the M 12D, M 16D, M 24D, and M 32D, offer versatile solutions for audio production with key features tailored for professional use. Built on a stable Linux operating system, the series ranges from 12 to 32 MIC/Line inputs to accommodate various input types, including stereo and digital AES inputs. The higher models (M 16D, M 24D, M 32D) feature a 10.1-inch 1280x800 HD touchscreen, whereas the M 12D offers a 7-inch 1024x600 HD screen.

These consoles are equipped with professional effect DSP chips, customizable TFT LCD displays for each channel, and a built-in RTA real-time spectrum display function. Unique to the series are the high-precision ALPS electric push faders and the option for remote control via PC, iPad, or Android devices, ensuring data safety with automatic shutdown parameter saving and facilitating ease of use with RS232 central control.
Moreover, the M series is enhanced with an onboard signal generator producing pink noise, sine waves, and white noise, customizable user buttons for tailored control, and an integrated sound card for direct music playback from a PC or MP3. It also features four quick recall scene modes and storage for up to 100 scenes, allowing extensive I/O expansion, particularly in the M 16D, M 24D, and M 32D models through DANTE protocol compatibility, connection with two 16 in/8 out stage interface boxes, and support for multi-channel playback and recording alongside Bluetooth 5.0 for digital playback. This comprehensive suite of features positions the M series as a versatile and reliable choice for professional audio mixing, catering to a wide range of professional environments and requirements.

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