HD 640W

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HD 640W | Premium AV Surface-Mounted Loudspeaker


  • Optimized Impedance Range: Tailored impedance options (500/1.0 kΩ/2.0 kΩ/4.0 kΩ /8 ohms) to match various audio system requirements, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Advanced Woofer and Tweeter Design: Features a range of woofer sizes from 4" (103mm) to 6.5" (165mm) and a consistent 0.5" (13mm) Mylar dome tweeter across models, delivering a balanced and immersive soundstage.
  • High Sensitivity for Clear Output: Sensitivity levels of 88dB to 89dB across the series ensure clear and powerful sound output, even at lower volumes.
  • Wide Frequency Response: The series covers a broad frequency range (from 80Hz to 18KHz), enabling detailed reproduction of both high and low tones for a full audio experience.
  • Robust Power Handling: With RMS power ratings ranging from 20W to 40W, these speakers are capable of delivering robust and dynamic sound, suitable for a variety of listening environments.
  • Sleek and Versatile Design: Available in both black and white, the HD Series speakers are designed to seamlessly integrate into any decor, offering both aesthetic versatility and premium sound quality.
  • Flexible Transformer Switching: Equipped with a transformer switch offering multiple power settings (from 2.5W to 40W at 100V/8Ω), allowing for precise control over volume and power consumption.
  • Compact and Elegant Dimensions: The series is designed with space efficiency in mind, offering compact dimensions that do not compromise on sound quality or visual appeal.

Discover sonic luxury with our Premium Surface-Mounted Speakers category, featuring the HD Series Premium AV Surface-Mounted Loudspeaker. This series/model name signifies the pinnacle of audio and visual excellence, offering a harmonious blend of premium design and superior sound quality. Immerse yourself in a heightened auditory and visual experience, where sleek aesthetics meet uncompromising performance. Elevate your audio setup with the HD Series, setting a new standard for premium surface-mounted speakers that redefine expectations in the Premium Surface-Mounted Speakers category.

Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality & Retail

Luxury Lobbies, Hotel Corridors, Luxury Retails, Spas

Create the perfect ambiance for your guests with Pro AEX's sophisticated audio solutions. Ideal for luxury lobbies, hotel corridors, retail spaces, and spas, our systems deliver unparalleled sound quality that complements the elegance of your space.

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