HC 851E

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HC 851E | High Quality Ceiling Speaker


  • High Power Output: Each model offers a robust 50W rated input under both 100V and 70V systems, suitable for delivering powerful sound across various venues.
  • Flexible Impedance Options: With a rated impedance of 200Ω and additional taps for 400 and 800Ω, these speakers can easily integrate into different audio system configurations, enhancing their versatility.
  • Broad Frequency Response: The frequency response range of 55Hz to 20kHz ensures detailed and expansive sound reproduction, from the deep lows to the crisp highs.
  • Optimal Sensitivity: Sensitivity levels of 94/106 dB for efficient audio projection, ensuring clarity and reach in larger spaces.
  • Wide Coverage: A coverage angle of 120° provides extensive sound dispersion, ideal for even audio distribution in various room shapes and sizes.
  • Durable Construction: Both models are built with high-quality materials, featuring an ABS frame and treated steel mesh grille for longevity and performance.
  • Coaxial Loudspeaker Design: Equipped with a 275 mm 2-way coaxial loudspeaker, offering a cohesive blend of low and high frequencies for a balanced audio experience.
  • Enhanced Design: Features an expanded size with dimensions of Dia. 275 x 175 mm and a weight of 3 kg, accommodating environments that may benefit from a larger physical presence for enhanced sound projection.
  • Steel Enclosure: Adds an extra layer of durability and stability to the speaker, suitable for installations where robust construction is key.

Tailored for the dynamic requirements of the AV and BGM industry, the H Series 8-inch speakers boast an impressive 50W power output. Suited for various applications such as hotels, conference rooms, and auditoriums, these speakers provide a flexible solution. Opt for High Impedance in centralized systems, with the H Series 8-inch speakers, you have the freedom to mix and match systems, ensuring superior audio quality customized to the unique needs of your project. The speaker allows easy adjustment of transformer taps to match different ceiling speaker impedance requirements, providing further installation flexibility.

Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality & Retail

Luxury Lobbies, Hotel Corridors, Luxury Retails, Spas

Create the perfect ambiance for your guests with Pro AEX's sophisticated audio solutions. Ideal for luxury lobbies, hotel corridors, retail spaces, and spas, our systems deliver unparalleled sound quality that complements the elegance of your space.

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Cultural Spaces

Cultural Spaces

Art Museums, Libraries, Historical Sites, Art Galleries.

Enhance the cultural experience with Pro AEX's discreet and high-fidelity sound systems. Perfect for art museums, galleries, and cultural centers, our equipment is designed to complement and enrich the aesthetic and educational value of your space.

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