D 10

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D 10 | 10” Dynamo Series


  • Wide Frequency Response: Ensures clear and immersive sound reproduction across a broad spectrum, suitable for various audio environments.
  • Maximum Peak Output: Delivers powerful audio with high peak output levels, enhancing live performances and personal audio experiences.
  • Efficient Power Handling: Rated for optimal RMS power across models, ensuring reliable performance without the need for its own amplification source.
  • Low Impedance Design: With a system impedance of 8Ω, it integrates seamlessly into diverse setups, offering flexibility in speaker pairing.
  • Advanced Transducer Technology: Features high-quality LF and HF drivers, providing exceptional sound clarity and depth.
  • Durable Enclosure: Professional plastic speaker enclosures offer robust protection and longevity, ensuring the speakers withstand rigorous use.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for professional settings and personal setups alike, offering precision and resilience in sound reproduction.

Introducing the Dynamo Series 2-way Passive Speaker, a standout in our Passive 2-Way SR Speakers category. This series represents a perfect fusion of durability and superior audio quality. Ideal for various applications, the Dynamo Series Passive Speaker ensures clear and immersive sound reproduction. As a passive speaker design, it delivers reliable performance while integrating seamlessly into diverse environments, without the need for its own amplification source. Elevate your audio experience with the precision and resilience embodied by the Dynamo Series Passive 2-way Speaker, setting a new standard for versatile and high-quality sound reproduction.

Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Live Band Cafés/Bars, Lively Bars, Music Clubs.

Energize your live entertainment venue with Pro AEX's dynamic sound solutions. From live band cafés and bars to music clubs, our products deliver the performance and reliability needed to keep the party going all night long.

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