CX 530-BT

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CX 530-BT | 30W Bluetooth Ceiling Coaxial Speaker
CX 530 BT AEX Pro


  • Frequency Response: Both units offer a consistent frequency response of 120Hz-15kHz (±3dB), ensuring clear and precise audio reproduction across the spectrum.
  • Wide Coverage: A coverage angle of 180° at 1kHz, -6dB, allows for broad sound dispersion, suitable for filling spaces evenly with sound.
  • High-Quality Components: Full range 5.25" speaker components are used in both models, promoting rich and full-bodied audio performance.
  • Low Distortion and High Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Both maintain <0.05% THD at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power, and a signal-to-noise ratio of >70dB, highlighting the system's clarity and audio fidelity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Features a built-in Bluetooth module for seamless pairing with smartphones, iPods, tablets, or any Bluetooth-enabled devices across iOS and Android platforms, enabling on-the-fly music streaming.
  • High SPL: Equipped with a 135mm coaxial loudspeaker driver, it delivers up to 105dB of Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for high fidelity music reproduction.
  • Expandable System: Can be connected in parallel to up to three CX530-Slave speakers, allowing for extended area coverage without compromising sound quality.
  • Power Supply: Operates on a versatile adapter AC100V-AC240V±10%, 50-60Hz, with a maximum power consumption of 50W.
  • Advanced Wireless Protocols: Supports a range of Bluetooth protocols including HFPV1.5, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4, HSP1.2, GA VDP1.2, IOP, ensuring wide compatibility and high-quality streaming.
  • Material and Design: The unit features a white ABS frame and a treated steel alloy mesh grille, measuring Dia. 188 x 76 mm and weighing 0.9 Kg.

The CX530-BT is a truly flexible Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker system that is suitable to complement the Business Audio Solution AEX System introduced. The unit has a built-in Bluetooth module that can pair to any smartphones, iPod, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device, be it iOS or Android. Once it is paired, it allows Bluetooth music to be played from any mobile devices on the fly. The CX530-BT consists of a 135mm coaxial loudspeaker driver, capable of delivering up to 105dB of Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and providing high fidelity music reproduction. It can be paralleled to up to 3 slave 8-ohm passive coaxial CX 530 speakers for larger area coverage. Its simple and easy to install design makes it a suitable high quality music and audio solution for restaurants, cafes, hotel guest room, offices, gym, and spa.

Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality & Retail

Luxury Lobbies, Hotel Corridors, Luxury Retails, Spas

Create the perfect ambiance for your guests with Pro AEX's sophisticated audio solutions. Ideal for luxury lobbies, hotel corridors, retail spaces, and spas, our systems deliver unparalleled sound quality that complements the elegance of your space.

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Cultural Spaces

Cultural Spaces

Art Museums, Libraries, Historical Sites, Art Galleries.

Enhance the cultural experience with Pro AEX's discreet and high-fidelity sound systems. Perfect for art museums, galleries, and cultural centers, our equipment is designed to complement and enrich the aesthetic and educational value of your space.

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